The Journey Begins

Brandon and Kelly bought a campground.

Well, we did it. After much planning, and a lot of discussion, we bought the Giles family’s DuBois property and took over the business that my grandparents began in 1974. The transition took some time, but in the end we established a new LLC in order to better manage the company.

Our goal is to continue the tradition of making wholesome family fun in the great outdoors accessible to everyone. My grandfather, Duke, wanted his beautiful country hillside to be a retreat from the demands of modern living. In the 44 years my grandparents owned the campground, they had created a wonderful community of seasonal and regular campers. He built two pavilions on the property where he hosted numerous concerts, and barbeques. One of my greatest joys has been hearing all of the stories, and found memories that some of my clients share with me of these events.

In an effort to modernize the campground, we will be undertaking many projects. Some weekends will be spent tearing down walls and repairing roofs. Others will find us integrating merchant services in order to process credit cards (right?), executing a marketing strategy, or even just cutting the grass. We hope that our efforts will help to restore the energy and enthusiasm that my grandfather brought to Clearview.

This seems like a good way to organize my thoughts and plans, and share them. I look forward to taking the first steps on what promises to be an interesting journey. I pray that I can find the skills to grow the business over the next 44 years, cultivating enthusiasm for camping, respect for the environment, and a love of friends and family in a way that honors my grandfather’s memory.

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton

brandon and kelly

10 thoughts on “The Journey Begins

  1. Great article Brandon & Kelly. We have been camping there for over 2 yrs on a permanent site. Dale the grounds keeper is a very special guy & is always willing to help make our stay more pleasurable. The other campers are very nice people. Being pet friendly makes our dogs very happy. They look forward to camping as much as we do. It is a very peaceful & beautiful camp ground. Really look forward to all the updates you are planning on doing to make it an even better place than it already is. See you at camp 🙂 Sherry & Paul

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    1. It was great to see you for opening weekend, however brief. We are working ferociously to make some noticeable improvements to the property. I thought the office was an obvious starting point. Once the structure is redesigned, we are putting in a little camp store. Complementary coffee, which is a highly important passion of ours, will be available! I hope it becomes a gathering place in the morning for everyone to enjoy. Kelly has been developing new scone and muffin recipes. I have been tasting them 😋.
      I couldn’t possibly undertake this adventure without my father. His skill set and experience are running the campground on a daily basis. We all thank you for your support and encouragement!


    1. We can hardly wait to host you! I promise that we will have some fun over the holiday. The only thing that occasionally disturbs the tranquility of Clearview is the ruckus we create celebrating friends, family, and the time we spend together.


    1. Thank you Jared! I grew up with these opportunities, and I believe that they impacted my life positively. If we can help to promote this lifestyle for the next generation, than we will have done a small part to be the change we wish to see in the world. Your encouragement means a great deal to me!


  2. My boyfriend and I both whom are nurses decided to make a “change” in not only our careers but also our lives… we decided to become travel nurses… we started our travels at Clearview Campground and we could NOT ask for a more peaceful place to call “home”. This campground is peaceful, relaxing, quiet and the view is amazing. We have nothing but great things to say about the campground and also Dale. Dale is a very kind and helpful guy who runs the grounds and he loves dogs. Clearview is pet friendly and our pups enjoy running around in our yard for hours! We searched around to many other campgrounds in the area and Clearview is the best most private in the area!!

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    1. Samantha & Jeff,

      Thank you for your kind endorsement of our project. We are glad that you are making Clearview your home while you’re working in DuBois. I’m certain that your schedule and the demands of your lifestyle require a “peaceful, relaxing and quiet” place to rest and recharge. We hope that the summer will continue to bring you outstanding views, and that you and your dogs will continue to enjoy this wonderful new stage of your careers and life. Kelly, Dale, and I are grateful to have you as part of our Clearview family.


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